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Or tummy tuck.

This operation aims to reduce the excess of relaxed skin from the abdominal between the pubis and the umbilicus when liposuction alone is not enough to achieve a flat and well-contoured abdomen. If the excess fat and skin is limited to the lower part of the abdomen, then a miniabdominoplasty can be performed under local anesthesia and sedation.

Abdominoplasty procedure

Your surgeon will draw the incision lines before entering in the operating theatre. The scar will be placed horizontally above the pubis in the same site of a caesarean scar but slightly longer, in few and very selected cases a vertical scar might be necessary. The umbilicus will be placed back in site and stitched. If the abdominal muscles are weak (muscle diastasis), a muscle tightening procedure is performed at the same time as the removal of excess skin and fat. This version of the operation requires general anesthetic with longer stay in the clinic, because it is not just an aesthetic procedure but also curative as it prevents the formation of hernias in the future. If a hernia already exists it can be corrected.

Recent developments and advances in the techniques allow us to perform a Lipoabdominoplasty that combines extensive liposuction with muscle tightening/placation of the abdomen and the excision of excess skin and fat without any major complications.

These combined techniques, when indicated, reduce the risk of this operation with quicker recovery and better aesthetic results.

Abdominoplasty recovery

Drains will be removed within 24 and 72 hours, depending on output. An abdominal compression garment will be placed night and day for 4 weeks, stitched are resorbable but if any has to be removed will be done after 8-10 days. You need a week of quite life, and you can progressively return to fully active life within a month.

2 – 3 hours

Surgery Time

Abdominoplasty results

After the first month the difference will be noticeable, although you have to wait tree months until the swelling will be completely gone. A flatter abdomen will give you confidence and make you feel more sensual as well.

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