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Frees the beauty of your skin.

Peelings are used in aesthetic medicine to smooth wrinkles and fine lines by getting rid of the surface layer of the skin and thus the most badly damaged cells of the epidermis. They make the skin smoother and stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers. Some of them may also erase stains of the skin due to aging process.

Peelings help to treat pigmentation marks, fine lines, small acne scars and sagging of the skin. There are different kinds of peeling, depending on the chosen chemical agent. The stronger is the chemical agent the deeper and visible will be the effect, although the strongest peeling agents may require deep sedation during treatment. It is also true that in most of the cases a mild peeling treatment in your doctor’s office solves most of the problem.

Surface peelings (Glycolic acid)

Surface peelings act on the epidermis and the outer layer of the dermis. They can be used to treat acne and oily skins, certain forms of lentigo and fine wrinkles. Surface peelings are carried out using glycolic acid. They can sometimes cause moderate burning and tingling sensations and any red blotches on the skin are always minimal. Complete healing takes a week and the treatments can be repeated for in-depth action.

Medium peelings (Trichloroacetic acid or TCA)

Medium peelings work on deeper layers, up to the middle dermis. Medium peelings are the more painful and cause red blotches which last for a number of days, then a desquamation. Healing takes place after a fortnight. We generally use trichloroacetic acid (TCA) or Amelan® to treat pigmentation marks on the skin.

Deep peelings (Phenol)

Deep peelings go all the way down to the deep layer of the dermis. They are carried out under anesthetic monitoring by the aesthetic surgeon.

Peeling for the lips (Orange Lip Balm)

To smooth and moisturize the lips.

Surface peelings are carried out every 10 to 15 days and are then spaced out subsequently, medium peelings less frequently. Apart from exposure to the sun (not advisable for a few days after a peeling due to the risk of cutaneous hyperpigmentation), there are no contra-indications.

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