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Breast Reconstruction and Microsurgery

Our Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery service expands to the Middle East inaugurating in the United Arab Emirates.

With the collaboration of Dr. Jamil Aljamali  we offer DIEP Flap Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction (advanced technique that removes portions of skin, fat, and blood vessels from the lower half of the belly and then moved up to the chest, and formed into a breast shape) and Hybrid Breast Reconstruction (treatment option that combines supplemental breast implants with natural living fat).

We also perform microsurgical reconstructive procedures with tissue autotransplantation to treat various conditions from breast reconstruction to congenital facial paralysis.

We understand that every patient has individual needs, and this is why we offer advanced and tailormade solutions through the combined expertise of two plastic surgeons that have gained deep knowledge in 9 different countries (Germany, Dubai, Egypt, Spain, Holland, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Yemen).

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