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Fellowship Program

How to Grow a Successful Private Surgery Practice

My name is Marco Romeo, I am specialized in Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and I run my own private surgery practice in Madrid, Spain.  As we all know, Plastic Surgery Fellowships are an extremely important part of our education and extended experience, and they are also a critical step towards our skills acquisition. However, as I plastic surgeon myself, I felt a little bit lost when I had to launch myself as a businessman.  When I first started, I remember I had plenty of technical knowledge about plastic surgery, but I did not have enough knowledge on how to run a business. I had to figure it out myself from my own experience.

After many years walking through this fascinating project, I am ready to help other plastic surgeons launching their own private practices. Apart from sharing my technical skills as a plastic surgeon, I also consider very important to pass my experience as a businessman and as a leader, on how to grow a successful plastic surgery private practice.

This Fellowship program is all about sharing. Sharing skills that contribute for medical science development and sharing knowledge on how to manage your own private practice, having patients´ safety and satisfaction as a top priority.  After you finish your rotation with us you will have improved both your skills as surgeon and as entrepreneur of your own practice and name.

As surgeon, you will learn mostly about face and breast surgery, how to follow patients before, during and after surgery.

There are a lot of aspects that go into running a successful medical practice. On top of treating patients and keeping them happy, you must also put energy into business aspects. As leader of your practice, we will cover all the following aspects on how to run and grow a successful plastic surgery private practice:

Positioning/Differentiating yourself from the competition.

Understanding the aesthetic patient.

Educate your patients.

How to communicate with patients.

How to manage expectations.

Market your practice.

Invest in quality equipment.

Your staff.

The importance of Plastic Surgery Marketing.

Win patients and their potential trust.

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