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Breast augmentation without implants

A natural result without silicone.

It is now possible to perform a breast augmentation or lift without using artificial silicone implants. We can transfer the patient’s own body tissues (autologous tissue) by the technique known as lipofilling. It consists of taking fat from one part of the body and injecting it into the breast to increase volume and enhance contour.

It can be done by simple injections or using a special device called BRAVA®, which expands the skin before fat is introduced.

In both cases you can gain up to one size of breast cup but you will not change size as much as with a silicone implants.
This technique is ideal for those women who want a moderate augmentation or those who undergo liposuction and may appreciate to re-use the fat rather than throw it away, getting the best of two operations in a single time.
For more information about what lipofilling is, visit de dedicated page.

2 – 3 hours

Surgery Time

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