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Correction of labia menora hypertrophy.

Labia menora hypertrophy is an uncommon condition of excessive growth of the inner portion of the external genitalia during puberty. We can say there is hypertrophy when the labia menora go beyond the profile of the labia mayora, exposing themselves to friction and direct contact with underwear.

There are practical and psychological consequences.

Direct contact with underwear may lead to pain or discomfort during walking, seating or sport activity with unpleasant igenic issue. Sexual intercourse may be difficult for the same just mentioned reasons.

This may limit freedom and activity of any woman, from both a practical and psychological point of view due to the fear of facing embarrassing situations.

Labiaplasty procedure

The operation is carried out under local anaesthesia and mild sedation. The surgeon marks the area to be removed, and cut it with the most appropriate shape. A short absorbable suture is placed.

Labiaplasty recovery

Although it is a very sensitive area, the operation doesn’t cause much pain. Some small bleeding is usually managed padding the operated area. You will come back home the same day. A control is needed after one week and one month. You will need to wait complete healing to have sexual intercourse and start sport activities.

30 – 50 Minutos

Surgery Time


Most complications are common surgical problems like bleeding or infection. Rarely, you may have asymmetry or incomplete excision of the labia. Any of these problems can be managed conservatively.

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