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Correction of chin projection.

Chin projection is an important landmark of the face aesthetic. A projected chin gives the idea of self-confidence and maintains the proportion with the nose projection.
The cause of a low profiled chin may be different. In fact, it may depend on retrognacy (retracted mandibula) with bad teeth closure, syndromic condition, or just an optical illusion due to prominent neck and nose, which hide the chin shape.
Assessment of all these features is important to choose the right technique. You may think you need chin augmentation but it can be you need a neck lift, rhinoplasty or mandibular advancement.

Mentoplasty procedure

If a simple mentoplasty is needed there are different way your surgeon can address it. Fat injection can sometimes be a good option. The most common solution is the placement of an implant from an small incision hidden intraorally or under the chin skin. When a short chin is associated with a relaxed neck, we can perform an advancement of the skin of the neck with no additional scars.
All these procedures are performed under local anaesthesia and sedation.

Mentoplastyor recovery

You can leave the clinic the same day. A compressive garment must be worn for about one week. During the first days you might be careful to eat soft and fresh food, to allow uneventful healing.
Stitches are all resorbable and don’t need to be removed; however a control will be made at 1 and 4 weeks.

50 minutes

Surgery Time

Mentoplasty results

The final results can be seen immediately, although you may have to wait two months to have all the swelling faded away.

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