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Lipofilling or Lipostructure

Lipofilling - Dr Marco Romeo
Doctor, can you take my fat from here and move it there?

Lipostructure is the evolution of simple liposuction by re-using the patient’s own fat as natural filler (autograft) for aesthetic reasons or pathology correction (for example scarring.
Lipostructure can help to correct large volume deficiencies without the risk of any inflammatory or allergic reactions because your own fat will be used without any foreign or synthetic material needed.
Lipostructure is recommended for the treatment of furrows, pits and soft tissues volume deficiencies, which need to be restored. It cannot help correct fine surface wrinkles, other techniques can be recommended for this. It helps to restore volume to the cheekbones, treat frown lines and restore the harmonious contours of the face. We use it to fill out cheeks, temples and tear troughs which are too hollow, to treat naso-labial folds and superciliary arches. It can also be used to correct irregularities of excessive liposuction and to augment small breasts and also to rejuvenate skinny hands.

Lipofilling or Lipostructure procedure

The fat is harvested (usually under local anesthetic) from the “donor” area (e.g. medial aspect of the knees, the abdomen, hips, buttocks, etc.), using a fine cannula, the best donor area is discussed with the patient; usually, it represents part of the fat suctioned for a liposuction in the same session. No incision is necessary and no visible traces remain at the site from which the fat is taken. The lipoaspirate is then carefully centrifuged and purified, all unnecessary components are removed, before being injected evenly back into a stable recipient area.
The fat is then introduced in layers by mini and micro-injections according to the latest techniques available in this field.

Lipofilling or Lipostructure recovery

Lipofilling is performed on an outpatient basis and so there is no need for the patient to stay overnight at the clinic. You can even continue with your normal work and social activities after the treatment. You can expect some bruising and mild discomfort during the first days/hours. You will be asked to wear a garment on the donor area for few weeks.

1 – 4 hours

Surgery Time

Lipofilling or Lipostructure results

The quality of the results and duration of efficacy depend on the surgeon performing the operation and the method used to prepare and inject the fat. The corrections made, will however reduce by 30 to 40% over the next few months due to the physiological fat resorption. The injections can be repeated infinitively with cumulative effects to achieve the best possible desired results. It will be your interest to maintain your body weight as constant as possible to avoid loss of volume.
When we use this technique for breast enlargement, you should have realistic expectations about reaching a mild volume augmentation; to achieve big volumes, breast implants are still the best technique available.

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