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Mommy Makeover – Before & After – Case 45050

Mommy Makeover - Case # 45050

Before & After pictures from an ex obese patient, with excess abdominal skin, fat and diastasis recti + sagging breasts (following severe weight loss).

  • Procedures: Tummy tuck with diastasis recti and oblique muscle repair + liposuction + breast lift and reduction + tight lift.
  • Scars: Lipoabdominoplasty: lower abdomen; Breasts: inverted T; Tight lift: along the inner tight and natural creases.
  • Anesthesia: general.
  • Downtime: 2 weeks.
  • Time between pictures: 1 month.

Before & After photos were disclosed under patient´s authorization for demonstration purposes. Surgery results depend on the personal characteristics before surgery.

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