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Calf Augmentation- Before & After – Case 72100

Before & After Calf Lipofilling - Case # 72100

Before & After pictures from a female patient with low member muscle atrophy and glute asymmetry caused by poliomyelitis. Patient wanted to correct this evident asymmetry.

  • Age: 50.
  • Mother of two.
  • Height: 5´24´´/ Weight: 176 lbs.
  • Procedures: Tight lift + liposuction 4400 cc + lipofilling (530 cc fat used) to correct leg and glute asymmetry + calve implant to correct asymmetry.

Other information

  • Surgery performed under general anesthesia. Patient also underwent abdominoplasty.
  • Time of surgery: 5 hours.
  • Time between photos: 3 months.

[info_box style=”info” id=”” class=””]Before & After photos were disclosed under patient´s authorization for demonstration purposes. Surgery results depend on the personal characteristics before surgery. [/info_box]

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