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Breast Augmentation – Before & After – Case 4700

Breast Augmentation - Case # 4700

Before & After pictures from a young patient that wanted to increase breasts´ fullness. Small symmetrical breasts and good skin elasticity. An inframammary fold correction was also performed.

  • After photos taken: 3 months post-op.
  • Age: 37.
  • Mother of two.
  • Height: 5´5´´/ Weight: 127 lbs.
  • Techniques: inframammary incision and sub muscular placement.
  • Implants: Mentor, teadrop shape, filled to 350 cc.
  • Cup size change: B to C.
  • Breast augmentation performed under local anesthesia and deep sedation and took 1h15´.
  • Recovery period: 1 week.


Before & After photos were disclosed under patient´s authorization for demonstration purposes. Surgery results depend on the personal characteristics before surgery.

Breast Augmentation (Front)

Breast Augmentation (Side 1)

Breast Augmentation (Side 2)

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