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Microsurgery is a type of surgery that is developed with the aid of a microscope or magnifications loupes to gently manipulates fine and tiny tissues and organs.

A microsurgeon is usually a plastic surgeon who received an intensive and specific training to manipulate and suture nerves, lympathic vessels, veins and arteries with a diametre down to 1 mm only.

Due to the need of expensive and sofisticated tools, microsurgery is usually performed in hospitals or private clinics with resources similar to general hospitals.

It is the most advanced tool in the hands of a surgeon who can reconstruct most of the tissues and many organs performing self transplants using the same patient’s body tissues and organs.

Thanks to the high degree of projecting freedom, microsurgery fits in all the fields of plastic surgery: breast reconstruction, sarcomas, facial palsy, trauma, amputations and craneofacial surgery.

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