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Rhinoplasty Clinical – Before & After – Case CR090623

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty - Case CR090623

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty to woman with septoplasty (septum improvement) and turbinoplasty (turbinate improvement).

  • Gender: Female.
  • Surgery: Primary Rhinoplasty.
  • Technique: Structural.
  • Technology used: Ultrasonic.
  • Postoperative time: 10 months.

- Septoplasty and turbinoplasty performed to correct breathing difficulties.

Before & After photos were disclosed under patient´s authorization for demonstration purposes. Surgery results depend on the personal characteristics before surgery.

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty (Right side)

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty (Right angle)

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty (Right angle)

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