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Breast Reduction – Before & After – Case 10250

Breast Reduction Before & After - Case # 10250

Before & After pictures from a young female patient with large and saggy breasts – patient wanted to decrease breast volume to improve discomfort – back and neck pain

  • Age: 31.
  • Children: 0.
  • Height: 5.57/ Weight: 137 lbs.
  • Procedures: Breast Reduction.

Breast Reduction

  • Technique: nipple repositioning and breast reduction.
  • Implants: Not used.
  • Cup size change: DD to C.
  • Scar: Inverted T.

Other Information

  • Breast reduction performed under general anaesthesia and took 4h30 (surgery time also includes liposuction and buttock augmentation with lipoflling.
  • Recovery period: 15 days.
  • Time between photos: 2 months.

Before & After photos were disclosed under patient´s authorization for demonstration purposes. Surgery results depend on the personal characteristics before surgery.

Breast Reduction (Left Angle)

Breast Reduction (Right Angle)

Breast Reduction (Left Side)

Breast Reduction (Right Side)

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