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Skin Surgery and Scar Correction

Scar correction and skin tumour excision.

Skin is the most exposed structure of our body to external damage; it protects us and works as an active organ to regulate temperature and toxin elimination.

Unfortunately, as the time goes by, all the marks of time tend to appear in many ways.

Scars can appear as consequence of trauma, small skin tumours can appear as the result of excessive sun exposure or indirect effect of other health conditions.

Plastic surgery was born to correct external defects, to restore functional, morphological and aesthetic characteristics to our skin.

2-3 hours

Duration of the procedure

Skin Surgery and Scar Correction procedure

It is difficult to summarize in a single paragraph all the technique to adequately restore and improve skin function. As general consideration, a Plastic surgeon can perform simple excision or skin grafts or flaps to move, advance and rotate skin where is mostly needed. Most of the surgery is performed under local anaesthesia; sometimes, general anaesthesia is needed. Time of operation can be variable from 30 minutes up to few ours.

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