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Hair transplant

The follicular graft or micrograft is one of the most reliable options to restore hair loss even in cases of alopecia. It is a painless, quick and easy surgery perfomed both in men and women, that offers a natural and long lasting result. It consists in extracting the follicular units of hair from an healthy zone of the hair bearing skin of the scalp and grafting into the bold area. Being a part of patient’s body, there is no risk of rejection, which means a high percentage of success.

Today, we can count on two main techniques.


With this technique, an entire portion of hair bearing skin is removed from the occipital region to extract single Follicular Units, up to 6000, choose the best ones and graft the in the area marked by the surgeon. It is performed with local anestesia and does not require hospital admission. The donor area will have only a short scar hidden into the hair.


FUE does not require excision of an entire skin island because it extracts the Follicular Units one by one. The surgeon uses a circular blade to extract the units, up to 2000. The Follicular units are then implanted straight into the pre-marked area of the head. No scar are left in this case but the hair should be cut in the whole head to perform surgery.

In both cases, the results are seen three monthsd post-op and keep on improving during the one more year. After this period the process will be defeneteyl over and the balding will only be a memory of the past.

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